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Wilderness therapy is a type of therapy in nature that uses outdoor activities and unfamiliar environments to help participants enjoy a unique experience and build positive character traits.


Each season has its own charm – flora and fauna exhibit unique behaviours and appearances in these seasons.

Summers (April – June) is when the forest dries up, becomes dull and water is scarce. The tiger too changes its rich winter coat to a sparser summer coat which is less dense. Tigers and other animals are often seen cooling themselves off in water holes. Hence the probability of spotting them around water bodies appears to be more.

During the winters, the tiger dons a rich golden coat that is much thicker than the summer coat. Catch winter safaris for excellent visual treats as you capture the golden striped beauties against the backdrop of lush green. Most of the forest friends rear offspring post monsoon- catch adorable little ones frolicking in the forest from October – March!

The parks remain closed from mid-June till Sept end on account of torrential rains.


During summers the temperature may soar to 40-45 degrees Celsius. Carry light cotton comfortable clothes, sunscreen, goggles and a cap to protect yourself.

Winters are pretty cold, warm woollens including thermals, sweater, jacket, mufflers, gloves are essential for protection from the cold wind as your gypsy moves ahead.

Carry essentials such as medicines / first aid, sport shoes and sunscreen during all seasons.

The jungle is a protected area under the strict control of forest department. Animals here have the first right of way.

Maintain silence as we LEAD you on a search of our forest friends.

Do not feed the wild animals since it is detrimental to their health and well-being.

Wear earthy toned clothes and no deodorant to mingle with the forest atmosphere.

Do not throw plastic, articles etc. while inside the jungle.

Do not get down in the jungle, treading on foot can be dangerous.

We imbibe the LEAD (Learn, Experience, Appreciate, and Discover) philosophy to provide you bespoke wholesome experiences in the jungles of India.

Break free from urban routine and truly ‘connect’ with nature – rejuvenate and refresh!

Learn and Experience ways of the wild and derive life learnings with our customized modules based on experiential learning.

Appreciate the serenity and skills embodied by nature through activities

Discover the joy of nature and share it with fellow travelers and others!


It was my first trip with JungLEADz and it was one of my most memorable one. I encountered adult male tiger head-on in wild for the first time in my life. Apart from tiger sighting, I also captured beautiful shots of some amazing birds and animals with my camera. Group leader had in depth knowledge of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve and it’s flora and fauna which was very impressive. I would definitely recommend wild life enthusiasts to venture into wilderness with JungLEADz.

Bhavik Shah

Jungle safari is much beyond just sighting tigers, there are whole lot of bird species that an urbanite could discover and also spot some animals in rare wild, which is feasible with the assistance of trained and passionate eyes. That is what jungLEADz brings to the table. Had a great time with JungLEADz.

Chetan Salvi

I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Jim Corbett National Park with Jungleadz. There was never a dull moment thanks to a perfectly planned itinerary and the sheer passion team displayed on the trip. To sum it up, it was an experience that would make you want to go back for more. I can vouch for the passionate and ever smiling, Rhucha and Amey to be the best planners and companions for a fun filled, informative and adrenaline packed trip.


I had a wonderful experience of being with someone whose passionate and knowledgeable about one of the Nature’s hidden adventure. I am really thankful to the team, Rhucha and Amey as it was my first experience of a Wild Life Safari and was excited about spotting the big wild cats and watching them so closely was for sure an experience of life time for me. Thanks a lot guys for making the trip a memorable one. Wishing you all the best for keeping up the JUNGLEADZ spirit !!.

Niki Dholakia

Rudyard Kipling based “The Jungle Book” on the jungles of Seoni. Pench still carries a degree of the same mystery. My friend and I visited Pench in the month of April with jungLEADz. With jungLEADz, you learn so much more in detail about species which enriches your experience of a safari. We strongly recommend Safari trip with jungLEADz to various Tiger reserves across India and have wonderful experiences created for yourself! Truly memorable experience for us. We are sure to go for the next one with this team!


Tiger sighting is luck by chance, not everyone gets lucky to spot 4 tigers in 2 safaris! Rhucha & Amey Kulkarni were the best companions for the first timers like us. They were exceptional, lively, entertaining, personable, knowledgeable & informative. Their planning begins right from booking the right safari zones at right time of the year. Thanks to Rhucha & Amey for giving us this wonderful experience, we’ll be back in the future for sure!

Prasanna & Pragati

A big thanks jungLEADz for introducing me to a new world of wilderness. You brought me closer to nature and wild life by answering the queries (actually being the first timer they were the mysteries of the jungle for me ;). The various nature games and fun activities that you conducted have left a positive impact and engraving effect on my mind. The trip was so well organised and informative that nothing more could I ask for 😀
Paint more and more people in the colour of nature as you did to us so beautifully. I wish to plan next wild tour 😉 soon with you jungLEADz !


Unforgettable. This is what i would say about the jungle safari to TATR which was organized by the jungleadz team!!! What began as a curious adventure trail from Mumbai eventually unfolded into an exploration into the simply din’t need to keep track of time….it flowed seamlessly from sunrise to sunset and again to sunrise with nature bestowing her prized possessions from time to time. A BIG thanks and lots of best wishes to the lovely team of jungleadz for giving us all a new perspective


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