About jungLEADz

Started by human resource professional plus wildlife enthusiasts Rhucha Kulkarni and Amey Kulkarni, our tours introduce you to bespoke experiences in the jungles of India through a unique blend of experiential learning activites.
Come, be One with nature, as we LEAD you into a different world….
LEARN about the wonderful treasures of India’s wilderness .
EXPERIENCE the joys of nature; soak in the peace and tranquility
APPRECIATE the power of the forest and our feathered and furry friends
DISCOVER wild realms, discover a new YOU !


To share the joy of the wild by connecting people with nature through experiential learning

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About Rhucha Kulkarni

Rhucha Kulkarni, a former Learning and Development professional, decided to marry her expertise in training design/human resources and passion for the wild to co-create the concept of jungLEADz with a purpose to deliver bespoke nature-based learnacations. An MBA by qualification in the field of Human Resources, she enjoys interacting with people and understanding what they want! Her passion for wildlife and photography extends to her various interests; she is an ardent travel and photography enthusiast, poet, reader, writer, and sitarist. When not working on enhancing the jungLEADz experience, you may see her enjoying a piping mug of tea while weaving a few words as a part of the editorial team of Wild Sojourns, a wildlife magazine of repute.
Recognized in the Global Tiger Day Contest 2015 as the Winner in the Poem Category for her poem on the tiger and its habitat , her passion for wildlife and words reflects in this piece. This contest was hosted by Ranthambore National Park and the renowned tiger filmmaker Nalla Muthu. She has been ackowledged as a special mention for her photograph on Tadoba in Saevus, a famous wildlife forum and magazine.

About Amey Kulkarni

Amey Kulkarni is an HR professional by qualification and profession, yet an ardent appreciator and photographer of all things from the wild . His special love for tigers and their territorial antics makes him a compulsive (almost obsessive)  wildlife traveler. Tracking  and capturing through the lens, the antics of this striped Apex Predator is is what fuels him. Amey enjoys sharing these magnificent moments with anyoneand everyone. A passionate story teller with a couple of years of wilderness experience makes for interesting company!

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Why jungLEADz ?

Do you wish to escape from the mundane urban existences and experience a novel world of peace and bliss?
Are you tired of the concrete jungles and wish to revel in the greens of the real jungles ?
Do you wish to relive carefree days – spent observing the fallen leaf, or listening to the gurgling of a passing stream? Are your eyes aching for a glimpse of the natural world – beyond facades, a world with something new everyday ?
Do you wish to introduce your loved ones to the wonders of Mother nature – a world where you breathe in a whiff of freshness, a world where every day is a new lesson learn ?

jungLEADz is the right place for you ! Coz we aim at creating a unique experience for you in the jungles !

With extensive expertise and experience in the field of “Human Resources” and “Learning and Development”, we understand what it takes to make your outing fun,interesting and novel! We firmly adhere to the philosophy of “Experiential Learning” – since “learning by doing” is when a person enjoys and absorbs best! Our team thus LEADz you through engaging and uplifting experiences in the wild to help you understand and enjoy the wonderful jungle realms. As wildlife enthusiasts, our experiences over the past few years in the jungles of India are sure to enthrall you , and we aim at delivering this through our LEAD philosophy.
“Sharing the joy of wilderness” is at the heart of all that we do .
So why wait ? Come, discover a wild new world !

The jungLEADz Edge

  • Your Learnacation – Learning cum vacation to ensure a unique experience for you to cherish !
  • Maximum number of safaris possible in the given time to arrive at a high probability of sighting the apex predator of India’s ecosystem
  • Specifically curated content basis the philosophy of LEAD (Learn, Experience, Appreciate, Discover) .Our applied expertise in Human Resources & “Learning and Development” ensures we create a unique blend of the three learning styles to ensures you have a  holistic jungle experience !
  • Experiential Learning is at the core of our offering. Allied activities that urge you to connect with nature and understand nature better leaves you a more awakened, aware and rejuvenated person
  • Female guide with every tour ensures hassle free interactions during the tours
  • Good accomodation with basic facilities
  • Best possible location level team
  • A minor part of our proceeds goes for the welfare of local communities to support the real heroes of our jungle ecosystems.

Learn. Experience. Appreciate. Discover.
Come, together, be 'One with Nature' !