Dhikala Elephant

Tour Report- Charms of Corbett, Dec 2016

Encounters with elephants: The charms of Corbett The mist parted as its soul was warmed by the rising sun. We behold a magical land before our eyes. The sparkling blues of the Ramganga, the majestic blues of the Kumaon ranges, and to top it off, herds of elephants on these mesmerizing backdrops. Our participants were…
Safari jungle

KnowYourWild #1- What is a Wildlife Safari?

Have you ever been on a nerve-wracking adventure, with a heady mix of fun, daring and learning? A wildlife safari is your perfect escape from everyday routine! Here’s more about what it means! A wildlife safari is an excursion into the jungle to observe, photograph and enjoy wildlife and nature. Typically, a gypsy shall take…
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