Spray Tiger Corbett

jungLEARNings # 2 – GlobalTigerDay2016 Series: Spraying scent is how tigers talk!

JungLEARNings #2: #GlobalTigerDay2016 Series Spraying scent is how tigers talk! Source: www.jungLEADz.com  So the hep Digi-trending you thought that only you were the communicative one with your flashy gadgets and smarter smartphones? Well, the elements of nature are smarter than you think! Albeit without the array of technology at their disposal! When you feel like…
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

The Predator falling Prey

I warily arise, haunting shadow of the mists, Gripped by enervating fear, my heartbeat skips, With the makers of time, I dread, a serendipitous tryst…   You declared me as, the epitome of grace and might, In solitary peace, my beauty thrives, I foresee a destiny painted with uncertain plights…   You call me cold,…
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