Friday Fact – Quite a “tearful” story about a peacock, by an HC judge!

Peacock Dance

Peacock Dance

A recent comment by a former High Court judge bordered on illogical insanity, when he stated that Peacocks did not mate! The statement defied all logic and made national headlines earlier this week! The judge said that it was mentioned in Hindu scriptures that peacocks did not mate physically, rather the peahen became pregnant by consuming the tears of the male! He even went on to say that this was the very reason why peacocks were celebrated in Hinduism!

Now here is the real story, straight from the jungles of India, where peacocks and peahens roam wild and free to do whatever they want!

Myth 1: Peacocks do not indulge in physical mating behavior

Bust the Myth 1: Peacocks are gregarious maters, and their mating behavior includes complex rituals where the peacock woos the peahen with his majestic show of iridescent plumage and the glamorous peacock dance!


Myth 2: The peacock (male) sheds tears which the peahen swallows and gets pregnant!

Bust the Myth: Birds do not shed tears. Their nictitating membrane which is the inner part of the eyelid moves horizontally to moisten the eye and protect it from dust etc. In humans, this protection is offered by tears produced by the tear glands.


Myth 3: A peacock dances as it is joyful to welcome the rain (Now, all of us have heard that one)!

Bust the Myth: Summer is the prime mating season for the peacock, and you will find a lot of vain males strutting their stuff in front of their ladies to grab that chance to procreate! And maybe just because this season precedes monsoons, we thought of illogical logic to explain peacocks dancing!


So the next time you attribute that beautiful peacock dance to rains or any other reason, think twice and give the dancing hunks some credit all the effort they put in for wooing their ladies!

So why sit around and listen to such irrational stuff?

Experience the wonder & vanity of peacock dances for yourself in the wild!  

More photos here and here

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