KnowYourWild #1- What is a Wildlife Safari?

Safari jungle

Have you ever been on a nerve-wracking adventure, with a heady mix of fun, daring and learning? A wildlife safari is your perfect escape from everyday routine! Here’s more about what it means!

A wildlife safari is an excursion into the jungle to observe, photograph and enjoy wildlife and nature. Typically, a gypsy shall take you deep into one of the national parks of India, it is similar to a long drive, with an added twist! The twist is that you will not be viewing the concrete jungle that we city-dwellers are so used to, we would get to experience the bliss of the real jungle. It is an amazing experience to just be surrounded by the greens and the browns!

A wildlife safari is not just fun, it’s a learning, right out in the field! An experienced driver shall maneuver the vehicle, taking you to the most scenic jungle scapes! And a knowledgeable guide accompanies you all the way, explaining and unravelling the mysteries of nature. Stories of our wild friends shall open your eyes (and ears!) to an entirely new world- one where Mother Nature is the ultimate ruler!

The occasional bird shall call out to you, or the silent deer may peek at your curiously, wondering who has suddenly entered their home! Remember, we are venturing into the homes of the wild animals. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! Make sure you too abide by the Laws of the jungle, it can prove an interesting deviation from our human laws!

The silence of the forests,

or the fluttering of leaves,

the ripples on the lakes surface,

or the herds of deer on spree,

A safari is about noticing the details, opening up your eyes, ears and heart to a surreal experience.

So when are you making that experience unravel?

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