Mother’s Day Special Friday Fact- A Tiger Mom is a Super Mom !

Tigress and cubs

Choti Tara resting with cubs in sight

Mother’s Day Snippets from the Wild ! 

JungLEADz’ recent visit to Tadoba National Park had the participants witness the motherly moments of a Tiger Mom, thanks to new mother, Choti Tara! As she went about her motherly chores, we couldn’t help but think- what a demanding role she plays! From care-giver to feeder to protector to teacher, and the ultimate nurturer, she is truly a Package with a Punch. And all on her own! Tiger Mom would be better known as Super Mom!

A tiger mom is a single mom, basically because the tiger is a solitary animal. After she conceives she is on her own, a true example of an independent strong woman! From nurturing herself during the gestation period of 105 days to giving birth to helpless young ones, she does it all. Her first task is to find a safe place to give birth to and hide her cubs, away from the grim realities of the wild, wild world. And then she gives birth to tiny cubs, with their eyes closed. She then takes on a plethora of tasks- from nursing the cubs to the prime of health to hunting food for the family. At the same time, she is their sole protector, safeguarding them from dangers like leopards and other tigers. Mommy dearest then moves on from mommy to teacher, teaching the litter the tricks of the hunting trade. In between these duties, you may see her catching a few winks in the shady vistas of jamun trees. From rearing to roaring, it’s a ride full of challenges for our striped mothers. And they carry out their jobs with elan!

Truly, a tiger mom is a special mom! As is Choti Tara with her two bundles of joy at Tadoba. You can catch the family up to their stripy antics on a lazy summer afternoon, while mother dearest revels in the graceful glow of motherhood this Mother’s Day !

Tiger cub

Choti Tara’s cubs playing


Proud Mother

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