Bandhavgarh Tiger

tigers of bandhavgarh

Tigers of Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is famous for being the discovery place of the white tiger in the yesteryears. With one of the highest density of tigers amongst all national parks, some of the famous tigers of Bandhavgarh national park are-

Hunk and damsel of yesteryears: Charger and Sita

Known by this name owing to his habit of mock charging upon elephants and safari gypsies, an unnerving sight indeed! Many a publication has been adorned with the presence of this exuberant male, Make sure you pick up a coffee mug or wall adornment that reminisces the might of Charger with an accurate photo clip!

Sita, the beauty of yesteryears, is considered the second most photographed tiger in the world, having posed on the cover of National Geographic.

More than 80% tigers of Bandhavgarh trace their lineage back to these cats of the past, one of the dominant ones in history being B2.

Current Heart throb tigers of Bandavgharh

Sukhi Pattiah (Tigress)

Currently mothering a litter of 3, this photogenic female is the reigning queen of Magadhi zone primarily, though she keeps flitting between zones.

Mukunda (Tiger)

Belonging to the forth litter of Chameli and Shaki, this 7 years old male is a brash, arrogant item who may be the ruler in the reckoning.

Rajbahara Female / Jaya (Tigress)

A bully right from childhood, she displayed strength and wit by chasing out her mother and defying her sister, thereby emerging as sole princess of Rajbehra meadows, a prime area for shelter, food and mate. Having enjoyed unstrung attention from various suitors, she mated with Shashi (P10), giving birth to her first litter in 2013. A unique sight delivered by the family is the coordinated killing of wild gaurs, making them perhaps the most formidable bunch of big cats!


Bheem (Tiger)

Bheem is another contender in the size department. Named after Bheema, one of the Pandava brothers who was well built and capable of brawny feats, this muscular fellow seems to have taken a leaf (or morsel) out of the Pandava’s diet!

Mahaman Female / Ondrilla (Tigress)

A shy damsel tagged as l9, she is the daughter Indrani and Shaki. She gave brith to her first litter in 2012, after mating with the dominant male Jobhi (probably). Rarely spotted due to her preference to stay away from the crowds, she occupies areas of Magadhi and boundaries of Khitauli.

Mahaman (Tiger)

Occupying parts of Magadhi zone, this male was frequently found along the Mahaman area, hence named so.