Jim Corbett Tiger

Tigers of Jim Corbett National park have been eternalized in Jim Corbett’s, their ancestors known for being man-eaters. Today, this breed of tigers is one of the most beautiful with a resplendent coat, stout built and shy nature. A recent article pegged Corbett at the highest tiger density.

Owing to the dense jungle and good grassland cover, spotting a tiger at Corbett favors only those endowed with loads of luck and of course, the blessings of an experienced driver! Yet, with infrequent sightings of the same individual, very few tigers have been names, tracked and their life history followed. The tiger of the Terai is definitely the most elusive, preferring to maintain a low profile while safeguarding his privacy amidst the pristine Ramganga landscapes. Here are a few of the striped beasts known by name.

Paarwali / Paro (Tigress)

The bold beauty of Dhikala, she is currently found courting a shy but handsome hunk along the romantic realms of Sambar road. A stunner who makes one goes weak in the knees with her direct eye contact and non-chalance towards mere human beings. She has been the showstopper of the ramp at Dhikala.

Sharmili (Tigress)

Currently the queen of Bijrani zone, she is the resident tigress who has been seen quite frequently, while nurturing a litter of four cubs in the season of 2015. Rumor has it that Mother Sharmilee had been pushed further by another female tiger living around Chital Road who is supposedly rearing two cubs.

Sambar road male (Tiger)

A huge formidable hulk, his intimidating size is in stark opposition to his shy and reclusive nature. Currently he is preferring the company of his beloved damsel, Paarwali or Paro, and prefers his privacy to the hungama of the gypsys stalking his romantic liason. Yet, you may spot him from atop the Watch-tower, enjoying an afternoon stroll when the gypsy makers are having lunch at the Dhikala guest house!