Tigers of Kanha National Park

tiger of kanha

Tigers of Kanha National Park are famous for its awesome population of 130+ thanks so superb habitat and a large prey base owing to its deer population. Here are some of the most valued and loved tigers of Kanha National Park-

Munna (Tiger)

Kanha’s most loved tiger, this tiger is famously recognized with the letters C-A-T spelt on its forehead from the formation of black stripes. Bold and brash with not a care in the world for his onlookers, he is responsible for the famous Kanha adage ‘Road hi Road’ ..which indicates his preference to walk along the dirt tracks owing to his comfort with the scores of gypsies that follow him. This bold demeanor has led to this tiger giving wildlife enthusiasts the best of tiger sightings, sometime for hours at an end!

Bheema (Tiger)

Known to be one of the dominant males, in recent times territorial rivalries with the upcoming Link 7 has resulted in his being thrown out to the periphery of Mukki i.e. Babathenga area. Known for his size, Bheema still remains a popular amongst other tigers of Kanha.

Mahavir Male (Tiger)

Mahavir Male is known to be a good hunter, especially for such a young age of 7 years, but has been known to take cattle. He is yet to establish a full territory and roams the buffer areas where villages and hence cattle are in abundance. His growing resemblance to Gaur Singh is shown mostly by his rapidly increasing size. Son of Mahavir female and Chain male, he was part of a litter of three, the other 2 being his sisters.

Mahavir Female (Tigress)

Fondly called as the princess of Kanha, this gorgeous female recently gave birth to a litter of four. However she was unfortunate to lose two of them to the Kingfisher Male tiger. Known to be a very calm and composed individual, she is famous for her willingness to pose for the camera – she is truly the showgirl of Mukki!

Nak-kata (Tiger)

One of the largest and more mature tigers in the range, Nak Kata is known to be aloof and wary of of vehicles. He prefers secluded areas of his territory, a very large one indeed surpassing those of which Kanhari Camp, Digdola, Sarhi, Bihlwani, Neelamullah and Link 7. His name means ‘cut nose’ and he is easily distinguishable by the large scar he carries on his nose.

Neelam (Tigress)

Moody tigress currently ruling the Kanha meadows with her litter (first litter of two cubs) , she is known to be wary of tourist vehicles, sometimes feigning a mock charge at the prying gypsies. Not the one who enjoys the limelight, her unpredictable behaviour entices the mind for one glimpse of her breath-taking beauty.

Red Eye (Tiger)

The Red Eye tiger is the recent rival of beloved Munna, owing to the fact that he seems to be in his prime and is seen swiftly capturing more area for himself. Currently he seems to have established his territory in the abundant Kanha zone.

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