Tigers of Ranthambore

Tigers of Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park, amongst the first parks of India has been to uplifted to fame both nationally and internationally for its frequent tiger sightings. Home to more than 30 tigers with some of the best sightings, this is a tiger haven which has been heavily broadcasted on media houses, the likes of National Geographic.

Famous tigers of Ranthambore national park-

T-16 or Machali: Lady of the Lakes (Tigress) (RIP)

Heroine of yesteryears, machli, the matriarch of Ranthambore tigers breathed her last in August of 2016. Almost 70%+ of the population of tigers of Ranthambore national park is believed to have stemmed as her progeny. Famous as the ‘crocodile hunter’ since yesteryears, many a film has captured the fearless spirit of this fiery tigress. She lived a long and fulfilling life, filled with adventure as she hit the deathbed after a gracious 19 years (some say 20, but hey we cannot always guess the exact age of wild tigers!) She continues to hold a special place in our hearts, such is the love and care bestowed on this gorgeous cat.

T-19 or Krishna (Tigress)

Daughter of Machali and currently the ruling roost of Ranthambore with her litter of three, the year 2015 was an action packed year full of sightings, thanks to her playful cubs, the litter of Feb, 2014. She has been seen as a doting mother, frequently sighted with her cubs along the plush locales of Rajbagh Lake.

T 39 or Noor/ Mala/ Sultanpur female (Tigress)

Another mother of recent times with a litter of three, the gorgeous Noor is an extrovert and confident female who loves the slathering of attention by her admirers. Her amazing beauty thanks to wavy patterns on her body is named after “Mala” or ‘necklace’ thanks to the decorative bead like patterns on her side flanks.

T-28 or Star Male

Locally called as ‘Sitara’, owing to a five point star mark on his forehead, the Star Male is in the prime of his life. Mere brute force and power has led him to challenge his great grandmother – the revered Machali. Having established his dominance in the prime area of Rajbera Lake, he enjoys the attention of both Noor and Krishna and is believed to have sired Krishna’s latest litter.

T 24 or Ustad (Tiger)

One of the larger malesand recently in the limelight for his man-killing controversies, Ustad was a reticent male huge in size. The recent incident saw him being bundled up and deported to “Sajjangad Botanical Park”. Burning topic for many a wildlifers, his future remains hung in uncertainty.