Tigers of Tadoba

Tigers of Tadoba National Park

Famous Tigers of Tadoba

Currently home to approximately 75+ tigers, in recent years due to the abundance of cubs, wildlife enthusiasts have been targeting Tadoba as a wildlife study and photography destination.


Maya: The queen of Tadoba (Tigress)

One of the boldest tigresses of India, Maya, fondly known as the “Queen of Tadoba”, currently rules the grasslands of PanderPauni. A proud mother of 3 cubs, her second litter till date she is sure to enthral you with her bold demeanour and “I don’t care” attitude. Known to walk very near tourist gypsies without a care, she currently seems to be the ruling roost of this real land of the tigers!

Sonam (Tigress)

Daughter of the famous Madhuri, Sonam too has contributed to the recent spurt of tiger cubs. A first time mother of 3, she has established her predominance by capturing the plush lands of Telia Dam. With ample supply of food and water in this golden grassland, we hope to see her flourish with her cubs! Known as Sonam for the signature “S” mark on her right cheek, she is the apple of everyone’s eye. Known to stray to the waters of Irai for a cool drink during the night, do not be surprised if you hear alarm calls during your stay at MTDC. You may be in for a striped surprise view!

Bajrangi (Tiger)

Dominant male of Telia Dam, he is presumed to be the probable mate of Sonam during 2015, that led her to delivering 3 bundles of joy in later half of 2015. Typically shy of the camera, he seems to prefer his and his lady’s privacy.

Choti Tara (Tigress)

Daughter of Tara, this is one of the few tigers with a radio collar that is used to track her movement. Currently frequenting the areas of “Jamni” and “Jamunbodi”, this bold female delivered 2 cubs in 2014 a male and a female, of which the female survives.

Sitara (Tigress)

Daughter of Choti Tara and her only surviving cub (of a litter of two). Sitara separated from her mother in late 2015 but continues to share some part of the territory with her mother. So much for some mother-daughter bonding!

Shivaji (Tiger)

One of Tadoba’s most famous big cats is Shivaji, a prime example of a dominant male. Known for his enormous bulk and aggressiveness, is commonly found in the Kolsa range over an area of 50 square kilometres.

Waghdoh (Tiger)

Arguably India’s largest tiger in the wild, Waghdoh or Scarface is the gentle giant of TATR. Known to display untiger-like behaviour by playing an active role in the upbringing of his progeny. Despite his size, he is known to relinquish his territory and moved to the buffer area to make way for his son. Astounding incidents have been recorded wherein after making a kill, he has called upon his previous litters to enjoy a joint feast. Currently residing in the buffer zone, a sheer glimpse of this animal is sure to leave you with tiger addiction!